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Who We Are

AlSakeenah Welfare is a non-political and nonprofit organization formed in 2015 in Pakistan. Since it’s inception, it is striving to convey the teachings of Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH). We record enlightening lectures in audio, video form for Quran and Sunnah explanation. Apart from that, we serve the people through diverse social welfare projects. Our welfare departments are working for the prosperity and progress of the society. Alhamdulillah, we planted a seed of Faith which has grown with deep roots and starting blooming in a few years of time.

In The Name Of Allah The Most Beneficent

Being Muslims, we all know the great merit of spending in the way of Allah and Alhamdulillah we try to give as much as we can from what Allah SWT has given us. But is that all? No, certainly not because this is half the part. The other half is self esteem, respect and honor of someone who has less than us. Or we can put it in another way that giving away the wealth or some article is the outward, and the way they are treated is the core, the essence. For example, we can manage to give some food stuff to a poor person maybe in a plastic bag or old plate that needs to be thrown away, but why not in the crockery that we use for ourselves with respect and dignity? We can give them good clothes that we no longer use, but why not wash it once and pack it properly? Why can’t we be courteous to them and be gracious and warm in welcoming them?



We aim to impart the teachings of Holy Quran and Sunnah in the hearts of every Muslim. We have Quran Tafseer recordings in three languages: English, Potwari and Urdu. Our department ‘Little Muslims’ holds a weekly class for small children. Another weekly classes for ladies is held in F-6, Islamabad.



AlSakeenah provides four welfare services. These include funeral support services by educating the ladies on sunnah way of Ghusal Kaffan , educational assistance, healthcare services and distribution of goods in disaster related areas.    


At AlSakeenah, we work on three welfare projects. These are ‘Jariyah water projects’, ‘safe home project’ and AlSakeenah charity shop. Charity/thrift shop is our unique project where clothing and household items are donated. They are sold on discounted rates and money is raised for charity. 

Our Services

Quran education is an exclusive project of Dawah wing which includes Quran tafseer audios, videos and written tafseer which is free for all to access. We believe that seeking the knowledge of Quran should be made easier for all segments of society. Our main target is to help those who are busy in their jobs and careers by providing them access to Quran in electronic form.
Best ongoing charity which can benefit us after our death is providing water. Clean water provision is Sadaqah e Jariya (ongoing charity) and keeping that in mind, our Jariyah department collects and allocates funds for water scarce areas. Alhamdulillah, more than 70 projects have been completed. To learn more, visit our Jariyah page.
AlSakeenah has designed a special crisis help cell which provides assistance in case of calamities or crisis situation like earthquake, floods, drought etc.. In these critical timings, AlSakeenah provides special assistance in the affected areas by distributing ration packets, blankets, clothing and other household items.
AlSakeenah Welfare provides educational support in schools and various institutes. We believe education is the fundamental right of each individual and we should strive best to provide such means which can help the underprivileged children get best education at minimum cost. Alhamdulillah, Our Tadrees team provides help to Kaus e Kaza, a school for underprivileged children and institute for handicapped women in Islamabad.
It is very important to learn the Sunnah way of bathing and shrouding the deceased since it is the last physical contact with our loved ones. Our specially trained team of volunteers has helped hundreds of women learn the Sunnah way of Final Rituals. We aim to educate more ladies under this program so they are easily able to give Ghusal to their loved ones in times of need. Regular workshops are held under this department and our trained team gives demo of Final Rites as well.
Mashwarah is our health awareness program where we educate the masses about basic health care. Regular sessions are held under this program named Health 360 which covers main issues of health we face. A dedicated team of doctors is available via SMS and they provide free health services via SMS only. The doctors can be approached if you are facing some health problem. We have child specialist, gynecologist, dentist, physio therapist, general practitioner etc in our team.
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